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Platforms Characteristics

Plataform ExonlineX @MOOC Google Classroom Fichas de Trabalho QUIZZES Tecnico Socrative
Students assignment to assessment  files upload, fill a statement files upload,  fill a statement files upload,  fill a statement  fill a statement  fill a statement
Tecnico ID authentication yes yes yes yes  
Assessment access browser* browser* browser* browser* browser*
Statement information images, formulas, videos, web apps images images images  
Automatic correction optional optional optional optional  
Proof of answer yes yes yes yes yes
Type of answers**  MC, MA, NE, OA, ME, FS MC, NE, OA, FS MC, MA, NE MC MC

* Available in any operating system

**MC – Multiple Choice / MA – Multiple Answer (checkboxes)/ NE – Numerical Entry / OA– Open Answer / ME – Mathematical expression / FS – File Submission 

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