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Zoom Colibri

Colibri.zoom is a videoconference tool, which can be used for classes or for evaluation (sending the exam by email) or in a complementary way to other tools for proctoring purposes. It can be used for evaluation as a way of verifying the identity of students during the evaluation or conducting mini-tests with small development questions submitted by email from photographs of the mobile phone.

Features for classes

Evaluation features

It allows checking the presence and identity of students during the assessment.

It allows the carrying out of small questions, via chat, in which the students have their cameras connected and the chat is configured to send messages exclusively to the teacher. It allows recording of responses, and if necessary, students can submit files.

Proofreading, see recommendations for Proofreading.

Evaluation Usage Experience

UC with mini-test (13 students, 3 questions, 10 min per question) with the variability of grades within the teacher’s expectation (12-18 values).

How to make

Link to use the Tool: Zoom

Explanatory website of FCCN and classes by video conference of Técnico

Video on how to use the University of Lisbon (in Portuguese)

Pre-assigning participants to Breakout Rooms

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