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Fenix Worksheets

The Fenix Worksheets allow you not only to build quizzes with questions created directly in Fenix for simple assessments (basic numeric entries, multiple choice, etc.) but still support exercises with random parameters when they are imported in a compressed (zip) .xml format.

The advantage in this system is the creating (with different options for giving marks, feedback, etc.) and distributing a form, accessing in real-time a list of students enrolled in a given UC, all automatically. It is possible to control students’ logs in real-time.


  • Allows students to access after authenticating with Fenix.
  • It generates a spreadsheet (digital results) that can be consulted in real-time, while the Form is active, allowing to change answers and evaluation exercises individually or together.
  • It allows the teacher to obtain an excel spreadsheet with the results (individually or together) at any time during the semester.
  • It is possible to create different types of simple questions (basic numeric entries, multiple choice, etc.), and create forms for assessments, self-assessments or questionnaires.
  • It is possible to use question database (randomly or not) so that each student has their own assessment questions.

Experience of Use

Since the beginning of the implementation of Fenix until today. The Fenix Worksheets have been implemented in some horizontal UC with many hundreds of students enrolled: AL, CDI-II, ACED, PE, MO, EO. There are Civil and Mechanical professors who also use them.


Example 1 and example 2 (in Portuguese).

Example of a questions database (in Portuguese).

How to do


Access to Fenix Worksheets is done by accessing the “Teaching” tab, after authentication with Fenix. From there you have to enter by selecting “Worksheets -> (Execution Period) 2nd semester 2019 / 2020 -> “Choose the course to administer”.

Dialogue and tabs “Sheets” and “Exercises”: there is a brief explanation of the possibilities of its features, as well as an example of how to built worksheet.

Tool to create a worksheet  by Amaro Rica da Silva (in Portuguese)

Workshop 17 de Abril 2020 by Ana Moura Santos (to visualize the activation of the Google Suite account is needed)


Students with Special Educational Needs

Procedure: the professor after “Create Worksheet” selects “Distribute” with different time intervals;

In the final “Distribute by Students” dialogue, the professor only has to distribute the “Worksheet / Exam” with a longer interval for students with SEN.



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