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Doubts Schedule

The doubts Schedule classes can be provided remotely using the Zoom platform, available for all teachers and students at Técnico. Zoom is an interactive tool that allows the sharing of audio, vídeo and image content, in real-time.

Consider splitting a bigger group of students into smaller groups, in between 5 and 7 members, in order to facilitate the conversation. Zoom allows the creation of these smaller rooms (Breakout Rooms). The groups that have been working separately can be reunited at a later time, that teachers can specify beforehand.

Also consider sending questions/exercises to students in advance, defining clear intended learning objectives for the class. In doubts classes, students can send their doubts in advance, allowing for a greater usefulness/productivity of the class.

For doubts clarification outside of classes, you can also use the Forums at Fénix (choose Student>Participate>Forum). The student must create a new subject, to be seen and answered by the Teachers and by other Students enrolled in the Curricular Unit. Suggestion: activate the subscription option so that you can receive notifications in your e-mail when there is a new message or subject being submitted in the Forum.

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