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In proofreading of written assessments, it is recommended:

  • to have available a standard test solution, or alternatively explaining how the test was corrected.
  • publish the assessment scores including the individual scores obtained for each question.
  • if you choose assessments in which students submit their answers through a file (ExonlineX, Google Classroom, Fenix), correct the test directly in the file, and this way you can share the test with the student on Zoom.

The recording of the students’ assessment (written or oral) cannot be made, according to the Guidelines on distance assessment in higher education establishments (in Portuguese) of the Portuguese Data Protection Authority it is not possible to proofreading in oral assessments.

The proofreading has to be scheduled at least 48h before it, and it is advisable to do it by Zoom.

In order to guarantee the student’s right to privacy, the Waiting Room feature should be used for students who are not currently reviewing their test.

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