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Laboratory Classes

Laboratory classes usually rely on specific equipment and hands-on activities. However, you can modify your laboratory classes in order to engage remote participants. Here are some examples:

  • Consider changing laboratory activities. For example, change the focus from data collection to data analysis. Provide students with sample data, in the format in which it would have been collected, and ask students to complete the analysis as if they had performed the data themselves.
  • For cases where observations are part of the process, consider recording the experimental demonstration and asking students to collect the necessary information from the video.
  • Students can work in groups to prepare reports by email or other collaborative tools (Slack, Skype, Zoom, etc).
  • Explore alternative ways of teaching, for example, online simulations, that allow students to interact virtually with the equipment and laboratory conditions.
  • Consider the possibility of replacing LABs with exercises, reports, projects, homework and mini-tests.
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