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Theoretical Classes

Theoretical classes can be taught remotely using the video conferencing tools available on your computer. We recommend Zoom, available to all IST teachers and students. Zoom is an interactive tool that allows you to share audio, video and screen (Powerpoint, Pdf, Word, Excel, etc.) with your students in real-time. For more information on using Zoom, see the page Online lectures.

Use Zoom Chat to allow student participation during the class. To improve sound quality, suggest that all participants mute the audio unless they want to participate orally.

Remember that students may not have ideal internet connections, but there is a possibility to record the class on Zoom and access it later.

It is possible to use other digital alternatives, for example, the recording of classes previously, provide videos, slides, among other support material, and the preparation of specific content for distance learning.

To increase the interactivity during remote classes, you can use KahootMentimeterQUIZZES Tecnico, or any other tool that fits the purpose.

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