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Some measures that must be considered by the Faculty to ensure that, even in these new teaching-learning conditions, the rights of SSEN are ensured:

  • SSEN at their request can benefit from priority in any act of registration, enrolment, choice of classes/schedules and academic record;
  • Teachers should use technical means and methodologies that minimize the limitations of SSEN (e.g., the pages used must not contain background elements that lead to the dispersion of essential information – high contrast combinations can be useful for people with difficulties in terms of vision, as well as the use of colours that can be read by people with colour blindness; acronyms and terms used must be defined);
  • Teachers who have SSEN in their classes should seek to support them, depending on their specific characteristics, in the monitoring of school activities, namely by providing hours of tutorial guidance for their personalized monitoring;
  • SSEN will be able to record classes for school purposes only, as long as authorized by the teacher. Otherwise, the teacher must provide the student with the elements related to the content of each class promptly (e.g., the recording of the classes in Zoom is included in this category);
  • SSEN can benefit from personalized psych pedagogical monitoring of the services identified above;
  • If necessary, the presence of a third party with the functions of assisting the SSEN is permitted in a manner to be defined, as well as of an assistance dog, under the terms provided for in Decree-Law no. 74/2007, of 27 March (in Portuguese), e.g., the presence in distance learning classes of Portuguese Sign Language interpreters – LGP is included in this category.
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