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In the presential teaching/assessment model, written tests follow a relatively simple implementation, with few variations:

  • A single version for all students;
  • A limited number (for example 4) of different versions, distributed in order to avoid cheating between students;
  • Exams with open answers (numerical results, free text, diagrams);
  • Exams with multiple-choice questions.

The way of implementing these types of written tests is already well-rooted in the practice of the teaching community, knowing when and how to apply each type of test.

When the assessment method is changed to remote, regardless of the concern to avoid fraud (discussed in the Code of Honor section), there is a fundamental issue related to the adaptation of the classic models of written assessments to the new remote distribution of the assessment and collection of the resolutions.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to support written assessments implement new features (unthinkable to apply in paper-based written assessments) but also have their limitations, which affect the methodology used in the assessment.

Additionally, the environment of the assessment (students’ own computers) may require to implement control measures or reduce the possibility of cheating.

In this section some models of written assessments, that can be used in a remote environment, will be presented and how these models can be easily implemented (for both professors and students) on some of the available platforms.

These test models can be divided into two large groups, one based on the concept of sequentially answering questions on a form (similar to google forms) and the other based on uploading a file with the assessment answer.

Systems that allow students to answer sequentially to questions (based on forms) provide a standard set of questions/answers and can integrate mechanisms of scheduling and test correction.

The studied systems are the following:

Type of Assessment ExonlineX Quizzes Técnico Fenix Worksheets Google Classroom Quizzes / Assignments Fenix Projects Socrative
Multiple Choice Yes Yes Yes Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Choice with images or mathematical formulas in the answers  Yes No Import through a .XML file Yes/ Yes Yes No
Multiple Choice with diagrams, chemical formulas, graphics or images in the answers  Yes Yes Import through a .XML file Yes/ Yes Yes No
Numerical open questions Yes No Yes Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
Text open questions Yes No Yes Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
Complex open questions (with formulas/mathematical expressions)  Yes No No No/ Yes Yes No
Complex open questions (diagrams, chemical formulas, graphics or images) Yes (file attached) No No No / Yes Yes No
Questions with formulas/mathematical expressions Yes Yes Import through a .XML file Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
Questions with diagrams, chemical formulas, graphics or images Yes Yes Import through a .XML file Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
Automatic correction of multiple choice Yes Yes Yes Yes/ No No Yes
Automatic correction of  numerical open questions Yes No Yes Yes / No No No
Ramdomness of questions to students Yes Yes Yes Yes / No No No
Assignment of individualized exercises (use of questions database) Yes Students self study Yes No / No No Yes
Automatic generation of  questions (with parameters combinations) Yes No No No / No No No
Assigning different  questions to different students Yes No Yes Yes/ Yes No No
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