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In the specific case of the Master’s Dissertation, the following special conditions apply:

  • The SSNE may have specific support for its writing, namely through the Master’s Dissertation Advisor or external specialized and exempt entities, validated by the Master’s Dissertation Advisor, who is responsible for ensuring that the contents and knowledge provided to the student are not changed;
  • The delivery date can be changed within the general academic deadlines of IST whenever justified is the responsibility of the Master Coordinator to change it;
  • It is the responsibility of the Master’s Coordination and the Advisor to alert the jury in time, informing the student’s special conditions and needs;
  • The defence may be carried out using a method other than the oral presentation, if, after the jury is assembled and the presentation is shown, there is an agreement in the establishment of another form of communication. This may be subject to written assistance, namely through the use of a computer or another tool with which the student is familiar;
  • It is up to the Advisor to request the President of the Jury the possibility to grant extra time to the student in the discussion of the Master’s Dissertation.
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