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  • Automatically accessible to all the curricular units from IST
  • It allows only students enrolled on the course  from IST to answer
  • Questions of multiple choice with 4 options, being only one right
  • The questions can be edited using a markdown feature
  • Define quizzes with a fully arbitrary number of questions, supporting:
    • Randomness, by student, of the questions and its options
    • Possibility to use a QRCode to start answering to the quiz
    • Possibility to edit previously answered questions
    • To define the start and finish time
    • Possibility of presenting the quiz solutions after the answer timeframe or in a predefined time
    • Allows images to be added both to questions and reply options (multiple choice)
    • It allows to copy and paste results and answers from the questions of a quiz to a spreadsheet
  • Define topics and associate them to questions
  • Supports auto-evaluation by the students through automatic generation of quizzes
  • List of students with assessment results information
  • Proofreading – answers by the students are available on the platform
  • Export the questions and quizzes to XML and LaTeX macros
  • Export the results of a quiz to .csv


User Experience

  • In the first semester of 2019/20 in the CU of Software Architectures (60 students) as a way for the students to auto evaluate themselves. The system was available 24/7 and the students could ask for the program to generate quizzes (with 80% of questions they hadn’t yet answered and 20% already answered) from a pool of about 400 questions.
  • In the second semester of 2019/20 in Software Engineering (320 students) as the same auto evaluation method as Software Architectures, and also as a way of evaluation, quizzes of 5 questions to answer in 3 to 5 minutes at the end of each theoretical lecture. At the beginning of the semester the quiz was answered on the classroom (allowing to go back and edit previously answered questions), right now it moved to be answered at home (not allowing to go back to previously answered questions).

How to


QUIZZES Técnico – Has a student and teacher demo that allows them to try out the platform

Explanatory videos:


QUIZZES Técnico – Has a student and teacher demo that allows them to try out the platform

Students with special education needs

It is possible to give more time to students with SEN, for this a quiz is created for these students, and the answers are only available after everyone has answered.

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