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Classes – Best Practices

Make all the support material of the Curricular Unit (UC) you are teaching is available on the Fénix page, recommending that it be uploaded before the respective classes to which it relates.

Review and adjust the operation of the UC, namely the attendance regime (if applicable) and the deliveries of reports/projects. There may be a need for greater flexibility due to issues of access and inclusion, including digital accessibility.

Make sure summaries are published on the day the class occurred. Record your classes, during the COVID-19 pandemic, whenever possible to allow for students. When you have Students with Special Education Needs or International Students (in a different time zone) enrolled in your class, recording your classes is mandatory.

Ensure time for doubts clarification electronically, namely by email, video conference, Slack, forums, WhatsApp, etc.

This section presents recommendations and best practices for TheoreticalProblems and Laboratory Classes, Recording of Classes and Doubts Schedule.


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