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Start by identifying the essential objectives of the Master’s thesis, emphasizing the most important elements that you want your students to learn. Communicate the necessary changes to your students.

It is recommended that social contacts be greatly reduced, encouraging teleworking whenever possible, and suggesting a strong reduction in face-to-face meetings using electronic means.

Master’s thesis defence

The public examinations,  foreseen for general or special regimes, can be carried out by videoconference, as long as there is an agreement between the jury and the respective candidate and the technical conditions for that purpose (Decreto de LeiEsclarecimento MCTES and Despacho ULisboa) (in Portuguese).

Since the examinations are public, the announcement must include a link so that the interested audience can follow the examination remotely.

After completing the master’s examination, all members of the Jury should digitally sign the usual document and the President of the Jury sent it to the Academic Area to the following email address The student will continue to need to upload the documents in Fénix, these documents are subsequently validated by the supervisor, and the classification must be introduced (Fénix) by the head of the UC Dissertation.

If all the members of the Jury are Portuguese, the signature of the documents must be made digitally, and whenever possible, it is convenient that at least the President of the Jury uses the electronic signature through the Citizen Card or the Digital Mobile Key:

If there are foreign members on the Jury: 1) the Portuguese members sign the documents as described above; 2) the documents are sent by email to the Jury foreign members; 3) these respond by email that agrees with the document, and the answer by email is considered their “signature”.

Deadlines for master’s thesis

The master’s thesis can be delivered in digital format, not being required to be delivered in paper format.

Deadlines, until otherwise stated:

  • For dissertations carried out in the 1st semester of 2019/2020:
    • Provisional delivery deadline: 15 September 2020
    • Provisional classification release: 31 October 2020
  • For dissertations carried out in the 2nd semester of 2019/2020:
    • Provisional delivery deadline: 31 December 2020
    • Provisional note release: 31 January 2021
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