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Zoom allows the use of the  Whiteboard option, where you can write directly on your laptop or tablet, as well as share audio, video and screen (Powerpoint, Pdf, Word, Excel, etc.) with your students in real-time. For more information on using Zoom, see the page Online lectures.

The Whiteboard functionality is especially relevant for problem-solving or doubts clarification. For more information on the functionalities of this option go to Online Lectures.

Consider dividing your group of students into smaller groups, as it is difficult to have an online conversation with more than 5 to 7 participants. Zoom supports “group rooms” that divide a larger group into smaller groups and subsequently bring the groups back to the larger group after a specified period of time. Settings: In the meeting (advanced). More detailed instructions to come.

Consider splitting a bigger group of students into smaller groups, in between 5 and 7 members, in order to facilitate conversation. Zoom allows for the creation of these smaller rooms – (Breakout Rooms). The groups that have been working separately can be reunited at a later time, that teachers can specify beforehand.

Clearly define the objectives on how your students can prepare themselves for the discussion. Consider submitting specific questions/exercises in advance or asking them to submit questions in advance.

In order to increase the interactivity during remote classes, you can use KahootMentimeterQUIZZES Tecnico, or any other tool that fits the purpose.

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